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Ultimate Fairytale Wedding at Disneyland Paris

If watching the various Disney princesses marry their true loves in royal style has made you swoon for years, you now have the chance to create your very own fairy tale wedding at Disneyland in Paris.

The city of love, Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and the love of your life – what more could you need to start your happily ever after?

Maybe a horse-drawn Cinderella-style carriage!

And now, this is all possible for couples seeking a destination wedding with a sprinkling of magic.

Disneyland Paris boasts a wedding planner to coordinate everything from the theme to the location within the grounds and any extras you wish to have for your big day. The idea is, that you just show up and enjoy the day.

Couples have the choice of designing a bespoke ceremony and reception, or there are a range of Romantic Wedding Collections packages available. For 32 000€ (almost $44,000), couples can have a 1920’s-inspired Newport Bay Club celebration with “beautiful nautical settings”.

Or for 44 000€ (just over $60,000), there is the option of a Disneyland Hotel wedding package features Disney-themed tables and a Victorian-inspired backdrop.

But for the ultimate Disney fan or those who have dreamed about a royal wedding, the ultimate happily-ever-after package allows you to be married right next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle for 55 000€ (around $75,500).

You can have your own horse-drawn glass carriage for the full Cinderella experience. Image: Disneyland.
You can have your own horse-drawn glass carriage for the full Cinderella experience. Image: Disneyland.

If the setting is not enough of a wow factor for couples, they can also add customised decorations, appearances by their favourite Disney characters and private performances by the renowned Disney entertainers.

The company that wrote the book on romanticism are also promoting their seven themed resorts as the ideal honeymoon destination as they are within close proximity to Disneyland and allow newlyweds to experience the best of French dining and shopping.

So, if your dream wedding is to transform into a princess for a day, with your own castle to boot, better start saving!

Should You Know The Best Decisions Made When Planning Wedding

When people ask me what my wedding day was like, usually, my first response is ‘awesome.’ I don’t really know how else to describe it, because it was just that, awesome.

Although there are things I maybe would have done differently, (such as not leaving my wedding planning till the last minute), there are lots of decisions I’m glad I made. From a newlywed’s perspective, here are the best decisions I made when planning my wedding.

Hiring a photographer and videographer
My husband and I mutually agree that the best decision we made when planning our wedding was to hire a photographer and videographer. When we received our wedding photos and video, it was so wonderful to see all the special moments we missed on the day.

Seeing our reception from our guests’ perspective was amazing, and watching our guests mingle during cocktail hour was great too, as we were hidden away in the bridal suite! But the best part, for me, is being able watch the footage from our ceremony. Seeing my husbands’ face as I’m just about to walk down the aisle still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it!

Choosing different styles of bridesmaids’ dresses
My bridesmaids are some of my nearest and dearest so, naturally, I wanted them to look their best. I chose four ladies to be my bridesmaids, all of which have different body shapes, so I knew pretty much straight after I’d appointed my bridal party that my bridesmaids’ dresses were all going to have to be slightly different.

I chose to have my bridesmaids’ dresses made rather than purchasing off the rack, which meant that we had a little more freedom in designing a gown for each girl. Each of my bridesmaids wore a flattering A-line style floor-length gown, however each dress featured different sleeves and necklines.

Having catering in the morning
This may sound crazy, I know. But, when you have four hungry bridesmaids, one mother-of-the-bride, one token Aunt, a working bee of make-up artists, hairdressers, photographers, and videographers, and, twenty family members turn up to see you off, some pre-prepared food can come in handy.

Having a catering company arrive early in the morning, (around 7:30 am,) and setting up a table full of food, certainly took a load off everyone’s back and ensured that we were all well fed. After all, a ‘hangry’ bride, is not a happy bride.

Choosing decorations we loved
Whilst I would have loved to fill the entire reception from floor to ceiling with fresh flowers, and I’ve been to a few weddings that have been decorated as such, ultimately, this look was little out of our budget. However, we were still able to achieve a similar aesthetic by choosing the right decorations that suited our needs.

While we didn’t opt to have chair covers and added little decoration to our guest tables, we did arrange to have a silk flower-wall propped behind our bridal table, and, it was breathtaking.

It became the token ‘selfie-wall’ for our guests, it served as a beautiful backdrop for our professional photos and all-important speeches, and so many of our family and friends commented on how lovely it looked.

Including all the formalities
While an element of this could be put to ‘FOMO,’ (fear-of-missing-out,) my hubby and I decided we would indulge in every formality we could get our newly-married hands on. We cut our cake, we danced our first dance, we had speeches, tossed the bouquet and garter and we even had a grand entrance complete with dancers and loud music.

Even though modern weddings are all about doing what you want and many couples don’t do all the formalities, for us, it was all about doing all the traditional stuff, and we feel that including formalities added great memories to our wedding day!

Creating a list of people to have photos with
Our wedding photographer suggested we create a list of all the people we wanted to have photos with and what order we’d like to have the photos taken, so, we sent a text out the week before our wedding telling our loved-ones the running order for our family photos on the day.

My husband and I had a formal church ceremony and we both have rather large extended families, so planning our post-ceremony family photos running sheet saved us thirty-minutes of fussing on our special day and allowed us extra time to have our bridal party photos taken at another location.

Choosing to do things our way on the night
Everyone told us, “the day goes so fast, so make the most of it!” So that’s exactly what we did.

Before my husband and I stepped into the reception venue, we decided that we would do whatever we wanted to do once inside. If we felt like dancing all night that’s what we were going to do. If we chose to spend the evening going to each table and greeting every individual guest then that is what we would do.

All About Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your engagement!

Be sure to soak in the excitement and the enjoyment of being a fiancé for as long as you feel comfortable before you launch into wedding planning.

When you are ready to start making a move, here are some helpful tips to help guide you through the initial steps.

Talk to your partner
Have a conversation about what you and your partner consider to be important. Do you wish to have a huge, grand affair or something small and intimate – possibly even to elope?

Do you want to be married in a church, at the beach, in the back yard or in an exotic destination?

This conversation will be the foundation for everything else. It will be one of your first conquests as an engaged couple.

Set your date
Have a few dates in mind in case you don’t get your first choice. Remember it is often cheaper to have a wedding on a weekday and weekends can book up quickly in popular venues.

Start a scrapbook or mood board
Whenever you see something you like, add it to the collection. It could be a hair style, a dream dress, centerpiece inspiration or simply a colour swatch.

It will help you to visualise what you would like your day to look like and can also be an easy way to eliminate ideas along the way to refine your searches later on.

You can look through our Real Weddings section for some inspiration.

Start scouting locations
Do you want the ceremony and reception to be at the same place or somewhere different? Refer to your mood board or scrapbook to see what sort of influences you’d like.

A beachy wedding, somewhere in the forest or a modern and chic venue. The options are limitless, so choose what works for the both of you.

Once you have found the perfect location, you can lock in your wedding date and will often be required to pay an initial deposit to secure this date.

Choose and book a celebrant
They may seem purely functionary, but the celebrant is the person doing the majority of the talking and really sets the mood of your ceremony so it’s important to choose someone you can connect with and not just the one offering the best price.

Make time to meet with them face to face and you can almost treat it like a coffee date, to see if there’s any ‘spark’ there. If there’s not, move on to someone else.

Once you find ‘the one’ snap them up by paying the deposit to lock them in.

Set a budget
This one can get tricky, but it’s important to set a limit that is within your means. It may mean you might not get the lavish, extravagant event you had dreamed of since you were a child, but it’s better to make some cut-backs than to start your married life with a huge debt.

You might find some relatives will be happy to pitch in to lighten the load. Make sure everyone fully understands what is being offered and if they have any expectations, then you can weigh it up.

An example of this might be parents who may wish to pay for half of the wedding, but want a say in some of the guests who are invited.

The free Easy Weddings Budget Calculator can help you with this.

Capturing the day
If you choose to have a photographer or videographer, start looking around for professionals with a portfolio that suits the style you like, as well as price range that fits within your budget.

You can search for photographers and videographers in our wedding directory, and you can make enquiries straight away.

Like your celebrant, it’s a good idea to meet with them to see if you can spend an entire day together – because you will.

Often photographers will be there long before the first guest arrives and won’t leave your side until the last guest leaves, so it’s essential that you get on with them.

Once you select a theme that fits you, you can look at options for buying or hiring decorations. Image The Event Styler
Once you select a theme that fits you, you can look at options for buying or hiring decorations. Image: The Event Styler

Think about a bridal party
Bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and pages boys. Do you have the lot, just some, or none at all?

If you have an unconventional family make-up, you might also like to start thinking early on about who you might like to walk you down the aisle, if anyone at all.

Start a guest list
This will be an organic document that will change many times during your planning process, so don’t be too quick to lock it in.

Factors like venue capacity, ability to travel and simply even the strength of relationships will come into play. You might want to invite every aunty, uncle and cousin to join in your big day, but things like your budget could impact on that.

Write everyone down at first using the free Easy Weddings Guest List and then you can work with your partner to refine it closer to the time to send out invitations.

Select a theme
A theme could be a colour, a style or an era – you are only limited by your imagination. Once you have a theme in mind, it will make it easier to decide between different options going forward.

Don’t stress if it doesn’t come to you right away, it might take seeing something while shopping around for a location or ‘the’ dress for inspiration to strike.

Start thinking about your dress
Go into wedding dress shopping with an open mind. You might absolutely love a photo of a dress in a magazine only to try it on and not feel comfortable in it. Give every style a try, you could be surprised which cut flatters and gives you that wow factor.

It can be an exhausting process, so only shop for as long as you are enjoying it and if you have to, break it up over a few trips to make sure it doesn’t become a chore.

If you have your wedding party lined up, you can start shopping around for outfits that will match your colours and theme.

What’s next?
To help you through more steps closer to your wedding day, sign up for the free Easy Weddings To Do list.

The comprehensive list will make sure you are on track and won’t miss a thing. It also provides handy links to the Easy Weddings Supplier Planner, Guest List and Seating Planner, so you can keep all of your information in one handy spot and can access it any time of the day or night.

This is just the very beginning, so it is important to remember the reasons why you are getting married.

Try not to get too caught up in the small details. At the end of the day, this is simply a party to celebrate your love for one another and for people to join you as you dedicate yourselves to each other.